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Curly hair follicles?
Scientists think the texture of your hair is created by the shape of your hair follicles. The curvier the follicle, the curlier the strand. What your genes should say about it?

What gives your hair its texture?
Curved hair follicles build curly hairs. How might that happen? The building blocks of hair are hair cells, which are linked together by a tough protein called keratin. As new hair cells are born at the bottom of a follicle, they get added onto the growing strand of hair. Some research suggests that the shape of the bottom of the hair follicle affects how these building blocks are put together.

Research found 75 genetic markers associated with hair texture. Though we don't know exactly how all these markers may influence hair texture, many of them are linked to genes thought to be involved in hair follicle development. Interestingly, two of these genes, KRT71 and FGF5, have previously been associated with coat texture in dogs.

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