Flat Feet

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What are flat feet?
Flat feet are characterized by a low arch on the inside of the foot. Sometimes, people with flat feet roll their feet inward when walking, called over-pronation. Having flat feet may also be associated with the misalignment of certain bones in the feet or legs, which can cause pain. What your genes would say about it?

Medial arches falling down
Flat feet occur when the raised structure on the inside of the foot, called the medial arch, is especially low. This is very common in children when the medial arch is still developing. By adolescence it is more fully formed, and most cases of flat feet resolve on their own. But for some, the medial arch never fully develops or may collapse later in life. Studies have shown that injury, obesity, and certain health conditions may be associated with flat feet. Additionally, scientists discovered that genetic variation may make some people more predisposed than others. What a feat!

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