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  1. Hair photobleaching
    Hair Photobleaching

    What is hair photobleaching?
    Basking in the warmth of a sunny day is one way to lighten your mood and your hair. Photobleaching is what happens when hair color lightens after long exposure to the sun. What your genes would say about it?

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  2. Image

    Spotty cell reception
    In people with freckles, some skin cells respond to sun exposure by making more pigment, while other cells apparently don't get the message. What your genes should say about it?

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  3. Flat fee
    Flat Feet

    What are flat feet?
    Flat feet are characterized by a low arch on the inside of the foot. Sometimes, people with flat feet roll their feet inward when walking, called over-pronation. Having flat feet may also be associated with the misalignment of certain bones in the feet or legs, which can cause pain. What your genes would say about it?

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  4. Finger Length Ratio
    Finger Length Ratio

    Handy information
    Palm readers believe the future is written in your hands, but some scientists believe the relative length of your fingers says a lot more about you — and your genetics. What your genes say about it?

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  5. Fear of Heights
    Fear of Heights

    Based on your genetics and other factors, you have a ??% chance of being afraid of heights.

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  6. Eye color
    Eye color

    The genetic marker in this report is located near a gene called OCA2 that affects how much brown pigment your cells produce. People with 1 or 2 copies of the A variant of this marker tend to have more brown pigment in their eyes, so they are likely to have darker eyes.

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  7. Earwax type
    Earwax Type

    Wet or dry?
    Although you may not notice your neighbors’ earwax, did you know it comes in two different types? Dry earwax is flaky and light-colored compared to wet earwax, which is dark-colored and sticky. Purchase a report on your earwax based off your genetics.

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  8. Early hair loss
    Early Hair Loss

    Don't blame your mom
    An old myth advises looking at the hairline of your mom's dad to predict the fate of your own. But many different genetic variants from both parents can play a role in hair loss. Find out the probability of you experiencing early hair loss based on your genetics by purchasing this report.

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  9. cilantro aversion
    Genetics of Cilantro Aversion

    Your genotype at two tested markers. You have one genetic variant at these markers associated with higher odds of disliking cilantro. Purchase a report on your likelyhood and the implications of feeling soapiness in cilantro according to your genotype.

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  10. Dimples
    Cheek Dimples

    Double the muscles
    Some people have an extra "smiling muscle" in their cheeks that may create a dimple when it contracts. Are you one of them? Purchase a complete report on your genotype, specifically on dimples and their implications.

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